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tenant / арендатор, жилец, наниматель
имя существительное
tenant, lessee, renter, leaseholder, leaser, holder
tenant, lodger, occupant, occupier, roomer, inmate
employer, tenant, hirer
lease, occupy, take on lease, tenant
владеть на правах аренды
имя существительное
a person who occupies land or property rented from a landlord.
Almost a tenth of all houses are occupied by tenants renting from private landlords.
occupy (property) as a tenant.
These standards will apply to all tenanted properties.
The lease here provides only that the tenant bears all the responsibility for maintenance.
She was an ideal tenant who paid the rent on time.
a frequent tenant of the gossip columns
Where a lease expires, the tenant will pay rent under the existing lease until the new lease is in place.
In breach of covenant, the tenant has failed to complete the works.
The landlord prepared the land and then the tenant moved in.
These standards will apply to all tenanted properties.
The tower is tenanted by private corporations, mostly American multinational corporations.
The 72 flats are mostly tenanted at modest rents due to the building's poor condition.
From 1966 until 2002 the farm was tenanted by farmers called Cole.