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tenancy / срок аренды, владение на правах аренды, наем помещения
имя существительное
срок аренды
lease, tenancy
владение на правах аренды
наем помещения
имя существительное
possession of land or property as a tenant.
Holding took over the tenancy of the farm
This information would have been readily available from your tenancy agreement.
Family members can look after the property if maintenance or tenancy problems arise.
He sold the land to the claimants and they granted him in return a rent-free life tenancy .
The tenancy would have lasted for less than ten months.
His landlord gives him a week's notice to quit the house, although he is not in breach of his tenancy .
Secure rights of ownership or tenancy have not yet been established.
The only way we could secure the tenancy for her was to pay the whole 6 months up front.
A person cohabiting with another may succeed to some sort of tenancy on the partner's death.
Tenants benefit from greater security of tenancy under the new act.
Any further breaches of your tenancy agreement may result in the loss of your home.