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tempura / темпура
имя существительное
a Japanese dish of fish, shellfish, or vegetables, fried in batter.
There is vegetarian sushi on offer as well as a choice of noodle dishes and tempura .
When I had a look, the vegetable tempura looked very nice indeed.
The curry would also go very well with tempura vegetables or a big bowl of rice.
The Japanese tempura batter ought to be crispy and feather-light.
To start, I ordered tempura vegetables.
I had shrimp and vegetable tempura .
Arrange some tempura vegetables around the dish and garnish with fried cilantro.
She served up some fried dumplings and vegetable tempura .
She emerges with four plates of beef teriyaki and tempura and sets them in front of the customers.
The main course was fillet of beef with pak-choi and tempura vegetables.
The tempura was beautifully crispy.