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tempter / искуситель, соблазнитель
имя существительное
tempter, demon
seducer, tempter, enticer
имя существительное
a person or thing that tempts.
You've got two villains here - the tempters and the tempted.
The destructive tempter is within as much as without.
He is the subtle tempter of man's moral balance.
The walk is visually stunning for anyone used to a dry, brown landscape, and a serious tempter for more.
The devil is a prominent character in the film, and takes the role of tempter and power broker.
Many varieties of religion have long spoken about a Satan or tempter .
The tempter this time has been resisted.
Satan is the insidious tempter who whispers in men's hearts.
Jesus resisted the Tempter .
His grapples with the Tempter are portrayed in dark, unsettling detail.
The women are both tempters and comforters.