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temporality / временный характер, церковные владения и доходы
имя существительное
временный характер
церковные владения и доходы
имя существительное
the state of existing within or having some relationship with time.
The sculpture is a poignant evocation of the essential temporality of human relationships.
a secular possession, especially the properties and revenues of a religious body or a member of the clergy.
I had an interest in music, text and temporality .
like spatial position, temporality is an intrinsic property of the object
Ideas about temporality are most focused by the event of death.
This achievement opposes the insignificance and temporality the writer's life.
What makes instant messaging different to the epistolary romance is the question of temporality .
The editing of the film is brilliant; the way he messes around with temporality is brilliant.
Blindness is equated with turning away from temporality towards the contemplation of eternity.
A new sense of temporality gave human consciousness a decisive role in the shaping of history.
Even our joys, in their temporality , remind us of impermanence.
The play is fragmented, and constantly shifts in temporality .