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temple / храм, висок, шпарутка
имя существительное
temple, church, shrine, sanctuary, fane, tabernacle
височная область
прижимная планка
spud, strap, temple
сооружать храм
имя существительное
a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.
Prayers for the temple and for its worship participants are given priority.
the flat part of either side of the head between the forehead and the ear.
He had been shot in the forehead and the right temple .
a device in a loom for keeping the cloth stretched.
имя существительное
an industrial and commercial city in central Texas; population 59,654 (est. 2008).
There as a scar that ran from his scalp to his temple .
The Hindu worships at the temple and the Muslim at the mosque.
I was a teenager reading the prayer books at temple
He was considered a rabbi and attended temple .
a temple of science
The elders of the temple turned Jesus over to the Romans.
Visitors to the temple used to worship the deity in the morning.
Worshippers hurried into the temple , praying to the gods to let them be spared.
Pain tends to radiate to the temple .
Obviously they take great pride in their temple buildings.