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temperance / умеренность, сдержанность, трезвенность
имя существительное
moderation, temperance, sobriety, modesty, frugality, abstinence
restraint, reserve, moderation, reticence, modesty, temperance
temperance, abstinence
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
abstinence from alcoholic drink.
the temperance movement
The essential key to nourishing our vitality is moderation and temperance .
The appearance of temperance societies, sometimes supported by the medical establishment, caused many to re-evaluate the role of wine in diet and medicine.
Also, some temperance advocates blamed women's lack of domesticity for their men's drinking.
Michael's Order was not a religious one, but although they were not sworn to either poverty or celibacy, its members embraced moderation and temperance in all things.
The movement often took the form of a religious revival and was referred to as a crusade: one teetotal group was even included with the churches by the religious census of 1851, along with temperance Wesleyans and temperance Christians.
In this last aspect, however, habitual temperance will generally be found to be much more beneficial than occasional fasting.
Though temperance advocates acknowledged that either male or female drinking destroyed domestic happiness, they often reserved their harshest opprobrium for women's drunkenness.
The crowd received sheets of lyrics composed by two temperance advocates and set to popular tunes.
the temperance movement
Under the banner of temperance and local prohibition of the sale of intoxicating beverages, Norwegian politicians gained the support of their compatriots and were elected to public office.