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telnet / telnet
сетевой теледоступ
имя существительное
a network protocol that allows a user on one computer to log onto another computer that is part of the same network.
By connecting through the console server to a device console using simple telnet , the network manager is able to do so without the need for vendor-specific or other specialized software.
log onto a remote computer using a telnet program.
Just five years ago, cutting-edge college students were telnetting to their University libraries to find research materials.
Once the dæmon is running, connect from a terminal window by doing a telnet to the port you defined.
Using packet filtering, firewalls can restrict the types of activity allowed, such as permitting web access and email but denying telnet and ftp.
But inside such a network, rlogin, telnet and the other r * commands give excellent and much more convenient service within their respective realms of use.
With no fancy graphic interfaces or elaborate designs, a user simply connects to a server using a MOO client program or telnet , logs in and begins interacting within the environment.
This doesn't seem like much time to wait when browsing a Web site but imagine trying to use a program like telnet .
To allow telnet access into a Cisco router, configure the VTY lines with a password and the login command.
The technology also searches for known viral vulnerabilities such as ‘listening’ ports, open shares and well-known applications in use throughout the network, such as Microsoft IIS, ftp and telnet .
If the user is to be allowed to enter privileged exec mode during a telnet session, an enable password or enable secret must be set.
Oooh, I see you've a large number of telnet connections to dialup lines in the Netherlands.
Thus, a telnet connection between two computers will almost certainly include two IP addresses, an arbitrary port on the client, and the well-known port 23 on the server.