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telly / телевизор, телевидение
имя существительное
TV, television set, televisor, set, television receiver, telly
television, video, TV broadcast, telly, tele, tube
Now clothes are on the telly , in broadsheet newspapers and all over the internet.
Obviously, it would also highlight the times I spent idling on the sofa in front of the telly .
Paul came around for dinner and we flicked through holiday brochures in front of the telly .
A weekday evening in front of the telly wouldn't be complete without a property show.
I overheard one woman complaining that she was sick of seeing it all over the telly , all day long.
We had the telly on in the corner of the studio watching the mens diving at the Commonwealth Games.
We collapsed in laughter and exhaustion onto the sofa and switched the telly on.
My mum moved the armchairs and the telly and the bookcase out of the sitting room and into the dining room.
what's on the telly?
there'd been a cowboy film on telly