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teller / кассир, рассказчик, счетчик голосов
имя существительное
cashier, teller, paymaster, booking-clerk
narrator, storyteller, teller, tale-teller
счетчик голосов
имя существительное
a person employed to deal with customers' transactions in a bank.
But the only jobs they were hiring women for in the bank were tellers and secretaries.
a person who tells something.
a foul-mouthed teller of lies
a person appointed to count votes, especially in a legislature.
The tellers count all the votes any candidate has received.
Go to an automatic teller machine today, press a button, and you are in the middle of a global network of incredible complexity and even elegance.
It didn't quite work out like that: he has been a bank teller and a bookshop assistant, as well as an English teacher and an impoverished student.
The story may vary a little with the teller , the time and the place, but it is also a picture of what God did for man.
It is also supposed to allow me to get money from an automatic teller machine by flashing my arm instead of punching in my PIN number.
A client leaves a bank after a withdrawal from an automatic teller machine.
Queuing theory can be used to model the waiting queue at a bank teller or the flow of cars at the entrance of a bridge.
The man, aged in his fifties, was shot in his car by bandits who tried to rob him after a visit to an automatic teller machine.
He worked as a bank teller for nine months and saved $50.
But Echo was a chatterbox and teller of tales, and many of her stories were lies about the other nymphs and the gods and goddesses.
Jenna was a teller at the bank where Jamie's accounts were.