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telex / телекс
имя существительное
передавать по телексу
имя существительное
an international system of telegraphy with printed messages transmitted and received by teleprinters using the public telecommunications network.
Traffic around the telex network had grown from an initial 2,000-3,000 telegrams a year to some 9,000 in 1989.
communicate with (someone) by telex.
They telexed the company denying breach of contract, and refusing to agree to a USD 230,000 discount.
Then came telex , followed by the fax machine and now the Internet.
It will additionally support fax, telex , or EDI transmissions…
Finally, a telegraphic or telex message is not recorded, except by the sending and recipient banks.
The decision was notified to Mr Smith in London, by telex dated 19th November, on the basis that it would be what was described as ‘a one time transaction’.
Even today, most capital transfers are communicated through faxes or telex machines and authenticated with pen-and-ink signatures.
As late as the 1980s we were forced to return to Managua or Luanda or some other relatively peaceful place in order to reach a telex machine, a telephone line or a satellite dish.
I received your telex yesterday
Ancient telex machines lie defunct, the lobby floors often stink of petrol - used as a cheap detergent - and windows still have anti-bomb tape on them.
The happiest day of my life was when I received the telex that said I had been accepted as an SAA pilot.
As early as the 1970s, electronic communication was developing, with the telex superseding the humble letter as the preferred means of placing business orders.