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television / телевидение, дальновидение
имя существительное
television, video, TV broadcast, telly, tele, tube
имя прилагательное
television, video, tele, televisual, telecasting
имя существительное
a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs for entertainment, information, and education.
Method of transmitting radio and television signals that promises better-quality picture and sound, and a wider choice of channels.
a device that receives television signals and reproduces them on a screen.
They have made provision by buying big screen televisions for spectators.
The new campaign goes live across television , radio and online.
However, like its print and television counterparts, radio is undergoing rapid change.
Similarly, radio and television signals were designed to be relayed to a single wire even if part of their passage was wireless.
I'm not cut out to spend evenings on the sofa watching television and going to bed early.
the days before television
By analogy, that term came to be applied to transmitting radio or television signals over a wide area.
Soon after the paper's publication, British television aired a program on the whooping cough vaccine.
The first was the rise of television , a centralizing medium that invited such journalism.
Our news columns and television broadcasts fail consistently to reflect this diversity.
Safety will be a key issue with a security kiosk and gates backed up by a swipe card entry system, as well as closed circuit television cameras.