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televise / показывать по телевидению, передавать телепрограмму
показывать по телевидению
передавать телепрограмму
televise, telecast
transmit by television.
a live televised debate between the party leaders
The two-hour show was televised on the national network so the whole country could watch.
Each host town will have two people present at the opening ceremony which will be televised .
This year, Cup Match was televised live and in its entirety for the first time.
Gliding is a sport that is not easily televisable , short of putting the camera in a very high altitude plane, to get a view with something to provide context.
What is not televisable doesn't exist on TV… What gets on the news are those things for which you have film footage.
The winners of these heats will compete against each other in the national finals to be televised in November.
There will be a prize for the challenge match winner and the event might be televised , though this has yet to be confirmed.
The event is also being televised to thousands more armchair spectators.
He was scheduled to make a nationally televised address Friday night about the deadly riot.
Not many literary launches are televised live and few audiences are so euphoric.