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teletype / телетайп
имя существительное
teletype, teleprinter
имя существительное
a kind of teleprinter.
send (a message) by means of a teleprinter.
There was a shortage of switchboards, field wire, open wire, insulators, construction troops, and teletype machines.
In a fit of anger and frustration she threw away all her teletype machines one day and refused to use the relay services any more.
Engagement information was passed on to command headquarters by telephone and teletype .
stand by to teletype the details to Headquarters
These older editors were designed for use on a teletype and could display only one line of text at a time.
The satellite, launched in 1965, was intended to operate as a switchboard relaying radio, television, teletype , and telephone messages between North America and Europe.
I remember the sound of wires humming and teletypes hammering away with wire services.
I do remember teletyping you a message a few days before the last mission and finding out that you were still okay.
From almost two hundred field offices, more than two thousand special agents teletyped all new data daily to Headquarters in Washington, where an army of clerks indexed it for easy retrieval.
The US intelligence officer knew this and he immediately teletyped the message to Washington.