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telesales / телепродажа
продажа по телефону
имя существительное
the selling of goods or services over the telephone.
sales personnel work on fully automated telesales systems
Key strengths include the financial modules, distribution, telesales , multicurrency, e-commerce and management reporting.
Those staff who are affected will include managers in the marketing, retail and telesales departments, but does not apply to front line staff.
sales personnel work on fully automated telesales systems
She bought a house for cash with the money and started working from home as a telesales trainer for other call centres.
It will also get rid of on-the-road sales staff and go for a telesales operation, cutting costs.
Of the people I know there are several of us with different prospects in life - salesmen, lawyer, shop assistant, telesales , unemployed, bin man and so on.
We have very much turned into telesales type auctioneers.
Once the employees complete their course, they are then either offered a job within the company or are guaranteed an interview with other major national telesales and customer service operations.
Quite a lot of the call centre workers, who do telesales , are students or people who have just graduated and have to do something to pay off their debts.
It also has a direct sales team and a telesales team to sell the products.