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telephonist / телефонист, телефонистка
имя существительное
telephonist, operator
имя существительное
an operator of a switchboard.
He went on to say that at one time there were 200 telephonists employed at the telephone exchange in Waterford but now there is not a single telephonist working here.
A 21 year old telephonist , known to have Raynaud's phenomenon, presented with swollen right index and middle fingers without discoloration.
As the telephonist has classified the call as urgent another duty doctor telephones the patient back within three minutes, in order to determine the seriousness of the situation.
Astonishingly, the telephonist did not ask who was calling and simply put us through to the head of regional targets.
He served for various lengths of time as a postman and a telephonist and also drove a bus in the district.
The telephonist contacted the Police Information Room and a police car was despatched to the father's address.
She was expecting her first child in December and was due to finish work as a telephonist in Manchester two weeks later.
For most of the years she has been involved with the Special Constabulary, Bernice has held down a full-time job as a telephonist / receptionist.
Bill served as a telephonist in an artillery unit and in an intelligence unit in France.
I was working as a GPO telephonist during the war when we wore earphones and a breastplate that supported a mouthpiece.
She learned English so well she became the store's telephonist .