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telephone / телефон
имя существительное
telephone, phone, blower
имя прилагательное
telephone, telephonic
говорить по телефону
звонить по телефону
call, phone, telephone, ring up, call on, ring
ring up, telephone
имя существительное
a system that converts acoustic vibrations to electrical signals in order to transmit sound, typically voices, over a distance using wire or radio.
Information theory is a field of mathematics that scientists use to analyse strings of data, whether carried by DNA or radio waves or telephone wires.
a game in which a sentence or phrase becomes distorted by being passed along to the next person in a whisper.
Stories are put out just like this one and a virtual game of telephone begins.
contact (someone) using the telephone.
he telephoned his wife at 9.30
It was the only form of communication, as no radio or telephone , television, video or film existed then.
It seems at least as likely that the whole allegation is a gigantic game of telephone where the prisoners exchanged stories, the stories got retold and this is where it all ended up.
You promised my wife that you would telephone me within the next two days which did not happen.
Most people do not know it, but the voice coming over the telephone conveys a mental picture to the listener.
She became worried and attempted to telephone her husband but his mobile phone was switched off.
You may write in, e-mail or telephone your choice.
Stories are put out just like this one and a virtual game of telephone begins.
In particular for offices, added to legacy data communication, wireless LAN has begun to be used for telephone and voice telephony services.
In doing so, data can be captured at every point of customer contact from order entry to fulfilment whether that contact is by telephone , fax, call center or Web site.
In the event of discrepancies, we followed up participants by telephone and re-checked mobile phone data.