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telematics / телематика
имя существительное
the branch of information technology that deals with the long-distance transmission of computerized information.
The situation for vehicle telematics differs greatly from the mobile phone market.
Improvements in connectivity through telematics or the ubiquitous cell phone enable us to survive.
The situation for vehicle telematics differs greatly from the mobile phone market.
This is much less expensive and allows virtually anyone with a cell phone access to telematics .
We have used a common definition of vehicle telematics as the combination of location with two-way communication in vehicles.
This transformation will make telematics an essential element of a new generation of personalized mobile services.
I have spent considerable time this year researching the interest of U.S. fleet operators in telematic services and prospects for the fleet-vehicle tracking market.
The telematic server decompresses the data and then verifies it.
The telematic device can also relay information about the whereabouts of the vehicle!
The telematic server uses algorithms to determine if non-verified data deviates significantly from the verified data, notifying the user by an alarm of any deviations or non-compliance activity reported.
Willingness to pay for a package of telematic services increases with annual household income and with the price category of vehicles owned or leased by respondents.