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telegraphic / телеграфный
имя прилагательное
telegraph, telegraphic, telegrapher
имя прилагательное
of or by telegraphs or telegrams.
the telegraphic transfer of the funds
(especially of speech) omitting inessential words; concise.
The speech is often called telegraphic (nouns and action verbs only) and is flat, unmelodic, and distorted.
By the late 19th century, telegraphic signals sent over transoceanic cables enabled clocks to be synchronized worldwide with sufficient accuracy that one had to correct for the delay due to the transmission of the telegraphic signal.
The opening poem on Black Art, contains short, terse, telegraphic phrases that are reminiscent of a radio transmission
The text, written by Coates, is in telegraphic style but is loaded with easily accessible information, including recent observations.
If the customer orders that the money be transmitted by a telegraphic transfer or by telex, it is to be assumed that he requires the transaction to be carried out on the same day.
He has also added a running paraphrase to each of the poem's twenty-four sections, making explicit much that the author's telegraphic style has compressed.
While underwater telegraphic cables had been laid at the close of the previous century, this project represented the first ever privately initiated and financed transnational communications link of this size and scale.
A number of the sermons in volume 22 demonstrate the briefer, more telegraphic sermon form that Edwards creates at this time to allow for presentations that could, when desired, be more flexible or extemporaneous.
The speech is often called telegraphic (nouns and action verbs only) and is flat, unmelodic, and distorted.
His approach - supremely intuitive, electrified and telegraphic - seems much more interesting than my pedestrian scholarship.
Also, the older children speak proficient English instead of the telegraphic dialect the Shimerdas use in the early chapters.