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telegraph / телеграф
имя существительное
telegraph, wire
имя прилагательное
telegraph, telegraphic, telegrapher
wire, telegraph, cable, message
имя существительное
a system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire, especially one creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection.
news came from the outside world by telegraph
send (someone) a message by telegraph.
I must go and telegraph Mom
news came from the outside world by telegraph
The telegraph wires had broken as well, according to the couple that had stopped by.
Devices like the telegraph , telephone, phonograph, and radio annihilated physical and temporal distance.
she would rush off to telegraph news to her magazine
There were now 50,000 miles of telegraph wire in the theatre of war, making coverage more extensive and immediate.
In 1832, the same year he became professor of painting and sculpture at the University of the City of New York, he drafted his first ideas for an electric telegraph .
There was also the Morse code telegraph system which dated from the earliest days and remained in use to supplement the telephones.
I must go and telegraph Mom
During the 1870s much of East Asia, including Australia, was linked by telegraph , though the trans-Pacific cable was not complete until 1902.
On 11 May 1874 the residents of Callington celebrated the connection by telegraph with Adelaide.