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telefax / телефакс, факс
имя существительное
fax, fax machine, telefax
send (a message) by fax.
telefaxed bills of lading
имя существительное
the transmission of documents by fax.
for more information contact us by telefax
a guy came to repair the telefax
I was told to acknowledge receipt of them, either by e-mail, telefax or normal mail.
An electrographic printing apparatus capable of functioning as a copier, printer, and telefax machine is disclosed.
for more information contact us by telefax
Guest services include portable telefax units, guest history program, and airport limousine and representative.
The points made in the telefax concerning the discrepancy in the figures stated for ‘Phase 4 ‘and ‘Retainage’ can be seen to be valid when the contents of pages 3/707 and 3/747 are compared.
The widespread use of telefax is more recent.
for more information contact us by telefax
As this is a matter of extreme importance we respectfully request your immediate attention to this telefax and that your answer could be provided within the course of tomorrow morning.
She can now choose among services such as speed post, telefax and Internet kiosks at the post office, where cranky clerks formerly sold mainly just stamps and letters.