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telecast / телевещание, телепередача, телевизионное вещание
имя существительное
telecast, telecasting, TV broadcast
telecast, broadcast, television broadcasting, TV transmission, telecasting
телевизионное вещание
TV broadcast, telecasting, telecast
передавать телепрограмму
televise, telecast
имя существительное
a television broadcast.
I become aware of an attractive television reporter on racing telecasts .
transmit by television.
the program will be telecast simultaneously to nearly 150 cities
Throughout the day, he looked at various tapes to decide which features would set up and supplement the live action on the telecast .
Those who missed Thursday's telecast can view the repeat telecast on Sunday.
the program will be telecast simultaneously to nearly 150 cities
A true-life story sent by a viewer has already been telecast .
It is for the first time that a serial was telecast simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.
Also, ABC Television, the official broadcaster of the World Cup, showed a delayed telecast of the final.
During Christmas and Easter, services are held and all television channels telecast them, he said.
He also took the initiative to prepare two animation films on dengue control, which are now being telecast by all regional television channels.
These shows are often telecast through satellite television channels.
Watching a delayed telecast , people go out of their way to not know the score in advance so that the tension and entertainment will be higher.