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teetotal / непьющий, трезвый, полный
имя прилагательное
teetotal, abstinent
sober, realistic, teetotal, abstinent, realist, fresh
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, teetotal
имя прилагательное
choosing or characterized by abstinence from alcohol.
a teetotal lifestyle
The Temperance Society, an organisation in which people pledged to be teetotal , was first established in 1832.
Mild-mannered, teetotal , often other-worldly, he was unswerving in his work for a party notable then for its lack of success.
He never drank alcohol, and he had strong teetotal convictions.
Though the general fitness of players has improved during my 17 years in the game, teetotal footballers are still vastly outnumbered by those who do partake of an alcoholic refreshment.
My diet is a lot better now and importantly, I'm virtually teetotal , which has really helped my fitness.
Martin said: ‘Andrew likes a drop or two, Dad enjoys the occasional taster, but the truth is that I am teetotal !’
Yes, he was an active participant on that evening but, while he was only too happy to dish out the vodka, he remained teetotal and disappeared to bed at a respectable hour so he was fit and able for practice the following morning.
And I hadn't fully realised how odd I'd feel, an omnivore who likes a drink dropped into a city populated largely by teetotal vegetarians.
I have lost a pound or two in weight - my boyfriend has lost half a stone - but I don't feel being teetotal has led to a major improvement in my health.
Thankfully, I'm quite happy to stay teetotal for the duration.