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teethe / прорезываться, намечаться, начинаться
erupt, cut, teethe
teethe, be foreshadowed
start off, start, begin, commence, open, teethe
grow or cut teeth, especially milk teeth.
Children often experience some of these symptoms while teething (growing teeth).
However, small children have been known to incur health problems by ingesting loose chips of lead paint or by teething on painted woodwork, such as window sills.
If she hadn't seen them with her own eyes, Rebecca probably wouldn't have known her daughter was teething .
Children often experience some of these symptoms while teething (growing teeth).
Chamomilla is good for earaches associated with teething .
My mom said he's teething and has been pretty fussy lately.
Some are designed to numb very specific types of pain - for example, from teething , hemorrhoids or sunburn.
Teeth can therefore serve a variety of functions in our lives from the time that the first deciduous (milk or primary) teeth appear, a process commonly known as teething .
Other conditions can also result in earaches, such as teething , a foreign object in the ear, or hard earwax.
Increased drooling is common at this age but not necessarily associated with teething .
The causes for chewing wood can be tooth problems and teething , stomach or intestinal parasites or mineral deficiency.