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teeny-weeny / крошечный
имя прилагательное
tiny, wee, tiny little, minute, teensy, teeny-weeny
имя прилагательное
doesn't he have a teeny-weeny twinge of conscience?
имя прилагательное
do we detect a teensy-weensy bit of animosity?
If you're miserable on the inside, a teeny-weeny nose or super-duper frontage is not going to make a blind bit of difference.
Naturally, there were some teeny-weeny faults with the car.
The supermodel wore a teeny-weeny bikini at a fashion show in Brazil.
Forget teeny-weeny bikinis - micro-mini skirts are here.
This is a very big plane with teeny-weeny wings.
Isn't it just a teeny-weeny bit dodgy to have an advert of a grown man surrounded by children?
Lots of footballers go, and some of the rooms are palatial, but others are teeny-weeny ; I think it's obscenely overpriced for what it is.
Is that just a teeny-weeny bit… well, dismissive?
He makes himself out to be a real man's man but melts at the sight of his coworkers babies, making comments such as ‘look at how teeny-weeny those fingernails are!’
I just have some localised swelling left where the abscess is and a teeny-weeny bit of sensitivity.