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teeny / подросток
имя существительное
teenager, teen, adolescent, juvenile, teeny, stripling
имя прилагательное
tiny, wee, tiny little, minute, teensy, teeny
tiny, diminutive, weeny, teeny
имя прилагательное
a teeny bit of criticism
Most of them started out as teeny tiny babies, after all.
Somehow, his voice made her feel a very, very, very teeny tiny bit of homesickness.
Over a low flame, add teeny tiny bits of butter one at a time, turning slowly with a fork.
Then a bit later there was this teeny tiny little woman walking ahead of me.
Then for the crust, you need flour, butter, milk, and a teeny bit of salt.
He has left me and gone into a teeny tiny world full of bleeping things.
But the ones it affects the most are the teeny babies, premature babies, or ones with lung problems.
Have you ever read the ingredients in the teeny , tiny print on a tin of commercial dog food?
About an hour later I was a teeny bit gigglier than usual.
I'm a teeny bit lazy and I like it to happen right in front of me.