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teem / изобиловать, кишмя кишеть, разливать
abound, teem, bristle, be replete, flow, exuberate
кишмя кишеть
be lousy with, teem
spill, pour, pour out, ladle, ladle out, teem
be full of or swarming with.
every garden is teeming with wildlife
(of water, especially rain) pour down; fall heavily.
with the rain teeming down at the manor, Italy seemed a long way off
Today, the same streets teem with chic shops and restaurants, and many of the old factories have been converted into fancy apartments.
With more than six billion people now inhabiting the planet, will we ever again see a time when whales fill the seas and the oceans teem with life?
The streets of Saigon teem with people, noises, and smells like no other city in Asia.
The streets teem with hustling, bustling humanity, hag-like beggar women, street urchins and drunken revellers urinating against inn walls, all rubbing shoulders with the gentry in their smart clothes and carriages.
Its 24 acres teem with wildlife and offer a haven from the rush and bustle of a tourist city.
Unfortunately it was the first real night of winter and rain teemed down intermittently.
On a visit to Calcutta he was walking with her down a street teeming with poor people when he asked her how she could hope to make a difference.
A couple of cats can do much less damage than a teeming apartment full of them.
Standing all day with the cattle was hard enough but if it was teeming rain, the big heavy coats of the time soaked the water and felt like a tonne weight by evening.
The park is more commonly associated with the restorative powers of its 2,000 rose garden, teeming wildlife and hay meadows.