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tee / тройник, мишень, метка для мяча в гольфе
имя существительное
tee, wye, branch
target, tee, mark, aim, butt, clay pigeon
метка для мяча в гольфе
класть мяч для первого удара
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a cleared space on a golf course, from which the ball is struck at the beginning of play for each hole.
Many times golf course tees and greens are constructed with materials such as calcareous sands that might require special testing.
a mark aimed at in lawn bowling, quoits, curling, and other similar games.
Nowadays the curling ' tee ' is the line through the centre of the 'house' in curling and is in fact the target not the release line, which is the 'hog' line.
a T-shirt.
Get a few pairs of nice, washed dark denim jeans, a stylish cut dark blazer or sportcoat, a few pinstripe dress shirts, some tees with prints, a pair of stylish black shoes, and a black belt.
place the ball on a tee ready to make the first stroke of the round or hole.
he had not missed a par as he teed up for the last hole
He has already taken his tee shot at the first hole and the injury is clearly hampering his swing.
Suddenly on the third hole, you are forced you to hit a tee shot from one peninsular to another, and the water you were admiring becomes your most perilous obstacle.
The last club I hit is the one I'm planning to use for my tee shot on the first hole of the day.
The "kickoff kid" is responsible for removing the tee from the field after each Broncos kickoff.
Utilization of the football tee will facilitate kickoff practice.
Golf carts on the tee can make ruts in the ground that can be difficult for the ground staff to repair.
His first tee shot on Thursday went straight into the crowd.
The batting tee should be situated about 3 feet behind home plate.
To maximize the length of your tee shots, learn how to make contact with the ball on the upswing.
If you try to get the ball up with a scoop, you won't be able to get the tee out of the ground.