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tedium / скука, утомительность
имя существительное
boredom, bore, tedium, ennui, weariness, monotony
tediousness, tedium, fatigue, weariness
имя существительное
the state of being tedious.
cousins and uncles filled the tedium of winter nights with many a tall tale
Of course you always try and ignore it and snooze on, but sooner or later your eyes are open and the horror and tedium of real life await.
The tedium sets in for two reasons, repetition and lack of interest.
It is a brave and safe new world in which technology has liberated humankind from tedium .
For all of those moments, however, there are moments of tedium and mediocrity to sit through.
the tedium of car journeys
Is it tedium or is it the drawn out buildup to a perfect finish?
That means I have 4 hours of boredom and tedium whilst standing and getting sore feet ahead of me.
Other than the enjoyment of staying with family, it was an interesting experience of tedium , or rather of low expectations.
After the sheer tedium of a disastrous relationship with a well known record company, the guys have taken to playing gigs for free in local pubs.
But really, these small successes were never enough to save me from the larger tedium of the evening.