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technician / техник, специалист, человек, знающий свое дело
имя существительное
technician, technicist, foreman, artificer, house-builder
specialist, expert, technician, master, maven, proficient
человек, знающий свое дело
имя существительное
a person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory.
The team would also include two laboratory technicians well acquainted with gene technology and biochemical techniques.
A medical laboratory technician is not expected to become a supervisor, nor is he or she qualified to act as a technical consultant.
The care unit includes a laboratory with a technician and a pharmacy with a pharmacist.
Danny is a fine character actor, a master technician of his craft, one of our best.
Martin, a well-known technician and author, noted this in his writings.
One woman, a laboratory technician , is believed to have been taken to hospital as a precaution when she reported breathing in fumes.
He started his working life as a laboratory technician and spent five years completing an Open University degree before becoming a science teacher.
a laboratory technician
A laboratory technician checked urine for ultraviolet fluorescence indicating the presence of riboflavin.
Both studies show a similar relationship between the trained health care professional and the expert vascular technician .
A photographer has to be a digital expert, an electrician, and a communication technician as well as being a good photographer.