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tech / технология, техника, высшее техническое училище
tech., technol.
tech., technol.
высшее техническое училище
имя существительное
Most technology investors focus on tech companies that sell to enterprises.
имя прилагательное
I was in tech school then
If you want details of battery tech , check this out.
Anybody with experience in theatre, acting, set, costume and prop making, lighting and sound tech is especially welcome.
This is still my personal web site and is not going to mutate into a vertical blog about tech , design, politics, pop culture, or even asbestos.
Both companies didn't see a strong enough return to tech spending.
A helpful tech leads me through the process; we banter numbers back and forth until it's obvious I put the wrong card in the wrong unit.
But while defensive stocks fell back, tech , telecom and media companies were adding their support to the market.
I've never paid a dime for any tech show I've gone to, nor would I.
This kind of embedded tech has been used in high-quality printers for decades.
There is no tech transfer without new technology.
I've been ejected a few times (as I'm passionate and loud) but used to average a tech foul every game!