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teat / сосок, бобышка
имя существительное
nipple, teat, tit, dug, pap
boss, lug, teat
имя существительное
a nipple of the mammary gland of a female mammal, from which the milk is sucked by the young.
To minimize inhalation of pigmented powder by the animals, only a small amount of powder was applied to the area immediately surrounding the teats of lactating females.
The best way was to try and encourage the weakly lamb to suck direct from the goat; if they couldn't manage this, then they would draw some warm milk off into a bottle, put on a rubber teat and feed the lamb that way.
If you're bottle-feeding, check that the teat is the right size.
Many ignored his advice and went back to feeding their newborns crushed wine biscuits mashed with water in a bottle with a large-holed teat .
When you bottlefeed, hold your baby close and tip the bottle up so the teat fills with milk, and not air.
Babies who are bottle-fed may swallow air from the bottle: try feeding the baby in a different position, or using a bottle and teat designed to reduce the amount of air the baby swallows during a feed.
If the calf is too weak to suckle directly, take milk from the cow and feed it using a clean bottle and teat , or by stomach tube.
Babies with these problems may need a special teat and bottle that allow milk to be delivered to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed.
Because marsupial young are born at an early stage of development and then spend a long period attached to a teat (often in a pouch), data on offspring sex ratios are easy to collect.
Check that the hole in the teat of the baby's feeding bottle is not too small, resulting in his gulping air.
My youngest memory is sitting up in my pram and cutting the top off my bottle teat with a pair of scissors, I can even describe the room and where I was parked