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teaser / задира, головоломка, любитель подразнить
имя существительное
bully, teaser, tease, rooster, bantam, scrapper
puzzle, conundrum, teaser, brainteaser, tickler, mind-breaker
любитель подразнить
tease, teaser
имя существительное
a difficult or tricky question or task.
He said: ‘Laurie is amazing for her age, she does crosswords, puzzles, teasers and she plays Scrabble.’
a person who makes fun of or provokes others in a playful or unkind way.
In an odd way, both the teasers and supporters appear to help youths keep pledges.
But there is one diagnostic teaser you can use to try and sort this out for this particular situation.
They also have a large teaser lure, usually a big skirted lure without a hook placed about 20-yards behind the boat.
Then came a teaser for Monday's programme: ‘A new season of Oprah!’
He was the teaser of them all, and was a huge flirt.
I am about to make a turn back, the two of us still looking for further splashes when without warning the short bait, riding behind the Big Herbie teaser , is smacked hard and instantly we are into a fish.
J K Rowling has been particularly secretive about the plot, but she has released a couple of short extracts as a teaser .
Just heard on a Fox teaser : ‘Tonight at nine: the FBI grills Berger!’
Verbal bullying isn't teasing - teasing happens when both the teaser and child are having fun.
The article - I'm looking at the paper NYT - features a lot of pictures of young women with their tongues out, but the teaser on the front page is that picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue out.
They certainly can Jonnie, and our mail bag is bulging following your tricky teaser .