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teardrop / слеза, слезинка
имя существительное
tear, teardrop, dew, water drop, pearl
имя существительное
a single tear.
A short while later the flags were raised, and you could literally see a teardrop going down Oprah's cheek.
I took a quick shower and slipped on my outfit, accessorising with a few silver bangles and a pair of teardrop earrings.
She stroked my hair and wiped a teardrop away from my cheek.
Her hair was pulled back into a bun, and teardrop diamonds also adorned her hair.
The blood red teardrop necklace tinkled as it gently tapped the orb with the rose.
I have produced a teardrop silhouette and put it within shapes to try to exaggerate volume.
The blood red teardrop jewel seemed to fall right below the orb that Koji had given me.
A teardrop flows down my cheek when the door swings open.
His design is a beautiful cherry wood bead and gold teardrop headpiece, reminiscent of braids layered down the head.
Catherine Zeta-Jones, who appeared, nine months pregnant in a simple black sheath, avoided diamonds altogether, opting instead for teardrop earrings of pink and jet stones.
She carried a large teardrop bouquet of cream roses, lilac freesias, fern, silvered bear grass, variegated ivy, gypsophila and eucalyptus.