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tear-stained / заплаканный, со следами слез
имя прилагательное
со следами слез
имя прилагательное
wet with tears.
I looked at the man's tear-stained face
‘Oh, pull yourselves together,’ says Madeley with mock severity, and Finnigan begins repairing her tear-stained make-up.
Seytie's tears were immediately gone and an angry frown replaced her tear-stained face.
She took my hands away from my face and I blushed again as my siblings looked upon my tear-stained face.
She reminded me so much of Jonathan that it almost tore me apart to see her tear-stained face.
He glanced down at her tear-stained face and wanted to kiss every tear away.
Her voice echoed the desperation I could see in the tear-stained eyes of her children.
He bent down and made contact with Hélloise's tear-stained eyes.
I tried to suppress my guilt by sitting outside and just letting my tears cascade down my already tear-stained face.
During the riots, the photograph of Ansari's tear-stained face begging for mercy from his assailants moved the nation.
Despite my tear-stained cheeks in 1973, seeing Stokoe's unbridled joy at the final whistle is still a memory that I am pleased to have witnessed.