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tear-off / отрывать, отодрать, срывать
tear off, tear, break away, pick off, tear away, rive
tear off
tear, pluck, tear off, frustrate, disrupt, pick
имя прилагательное
denoting something that is removed by being torn off, typically along a perforated line.
please complete the tear-off slip
This involves reaching customers via communications media such as telesales, mailshots, catalogues, or advertisements with tear-off reply slips.
Indeed, the procedure for insuring confidentiality - the tear-off card contains a different randomly matched number from the questionnaire itself - is explained to them.
One highly effective type of flier is the kind with tear-off tabs at the bottom.
The bill which quotes an address in Denmark, has an invoice number, a ‘payment due’ date, a ‘customer account number’, and even a bank giro credit tear-off slip.
Gü Puds, for example, which makes gooey chocolate puddings, recently carried on its packaging a tear-off cardboard strip that offered customers a free Johnny Depp DVD.
When members advise DHA of their posting, the organisation will send them a letter with a tear-off card in a reply-paid envelope.
Under the trial, held from March to May, some members who had received a posting were sent a letter with a tear-off card and reply paid envelope to help speed up confirmation of posting intentions.
The bookmarks now have a tear-off portion that act as raffle tickets, with the top prize a specially painted portrait.
Participants were also passively recruited using tear-off flyers, study cards, advertisements in gay and mainstream publications, and through referrals from friends.
First, every coupon that was sold had a tear-off portion that collected the name, address, e-mail and phone number of the person buying the coupon (90 percent were obtained).