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teapot / чайник
имя существительное
kettle, teapot, pot, teakettle
имя существительное
a pot with a handle, spout, and lid, in which tea is brewed and from which it is poured.
Birds and animals frequently were used as models because their mouths, bodies and tails could be easily adapted as the spouts, bodies and handles of teapots , while their heads might serve as lids or finials.
She reached for his teapot , and poured him out a cup.
If brewing in a teapot , allow one serve per individual and one for the pot.
It's poured into tiny glasses from a silver teapot , the spout held high in the air.
The body of the teapot (without handle and spout) was then turned smooth on a lathe.
She took the teapot and poured herself and Kriss steaming cups of green tea.
The tea must be brewed in a teapot , preferably made of glass so that a glimpse of the clear amber liquid adds to the delight.
‘What's more, the tea brewed in a Yixing teapot smells especially good,’ Wu added.
A servant stood nearby holding a tray of light snacks and a teapot ready to be poured.
He gives me a strange look as I reach for the teapot and pour myself a cup.
They receive you with effusive warmth, offer you mint tea poured from a silver teapot from high into little glasses, and serve you the local dishes cooked in the traditional way.