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teamwork / сыгранность, работа в команде, взаимодействие
имя существительное
работа в команде
interaction, cooperation, interplay, teamwork, reciprocity, intercommunion
имя существительное
the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.
Efficient and effective teamwork in the industry of moving people is paramount to success.
This group wants the workplace to be fun and to have a strong sense of teamwork .
Effective teamwork between doctors and nurses need not entail one group taking over the work of the other.
Pupils are well taught through the effective teamwork of teachers and assistants.
my group has a good sense of teamwork
This sense of teamwork extended over when the player of the game was selected by the coaches.
Others he taught important things like rugby, teamwork , discipline and respect.
A great summer of sport has yielded some interesting lessons on the mechanics of teamwork and the magic of management.
It is also used in exploring leadership and teamwork , in industry, in churches and other organisations.
Teams from different disciplines emphasise teamwork and cooperation in a modern hospital.
The policy was intended to weed out underperformers and build a sense of teamwork .