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teamster / возница, погонщик, водитель грузовика
имя существительное
charioteer, teamster, jehu
водитель грузовика
trucker, truckman, teamster
имя существительное
a truck driver.
I think he may have some information about a murdered teamster from Santa Fe.
a driver of a team of animals.
It gave work to many teamsters , such as Eli and W.H. Peacock, blacksmiths, including James Lobban and others.
To find work as a waiter or teamster , you need experience.
His list of 54 organisations ranged from teamster unions to the mainstream NGOs to obscure anarchist groups like the Black Clad Messengers.
That's the kind of burly teamster , night worker, who was very isolated from the jury.
And regarding juror number eight, the teamster sitting on the front row, I've watched him myself, Larry, when a portion of Scott Peterson's tape was playing during closing arguments.
The first teamster to provide transport services in and around Quorn was William Abbott, who operated from Saltia where he started carting materials for the Overland Telegraph Line.
He had been a teamster in his pioneering days in the Centre, and appreciated his big old draft horses far more than he appreciated most people.
Like Ahab, he hounded teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa for more than a decade, bending every rule of evidence and prosecutorial ethics until he finally landed his prey.
The family later moved to Saltia where William operated as a teamster , carting materials for the Overland Telegraph.
Stu is in many ways a walking contradiction: a Jewish teamster and front man of a hardcore punk-rock band.
Argentina's second-largest trade union confederation, led by teamster 's leader Hugo Moyano, organized the protest.