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teammate / член той же бригады, игрок той же команды
имя существительное
член той же бригады
игрок той же команды
имя существительное
a fellow member of a team.
She stood there thinking about hockey, and the Olympics and her fellow teammates .
Jamilla ranked seventh among the top goal scorers, with her teammate Kelly Ann on her heels.
I have had chats with him as a mate and as a teammate and I can tell him where he is going wrong and what he is doing right.
It is used to give the ball to a teammate who is either cutting or circling behind you.
Whether he gets a shot to be a better teammate in a Colts uniform is now in question.
A teammate often brought the ball up the court, then offered it to him at the top of the key.
He is driving more and looking to score off the drive rather than finding a teammate .
He was a good teammate , but he took it to another level when he brought in their families.
His teammate tells him as much, gesticulating in a most Italian fashion.
He sneaks in the passing lanes for steals and slides over to help when a teammate is in trouble.
He must be aware that a screen could occur and be alerted to a pick call by a teammate .