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teal / чирок
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small freshwater duck, typically with a greenish band on the wing that is most prominent in flight.
And while the local migratory birds are flying out, the foreign ones like mallards, pintails, teals , shovelers, pochards, waders and curlews are coming in.
Colours are tonally muted - shades are subtle orange, peach, salmon, terracotta and teal which strongly contrast with a true red, black, white and deep blue.
The slightest thing which jars with the colour co-ordination of Little France stands out a mile - even bedpans are a tasteful shade of teal as they are whisked by.
She was dressed in an uniform of hot pink, blue, and a lightish teal .
The water of the seas was its true color blue or even a shade of teal , depending on what light it was under.
All right, my favorite color is teal , but I don't really want to play this game.
Around the same time and at the same value, there also were plenty of wigeons and teal , although neither made much of an impression at the processing house.
I watched lapwings competing for nest sites on the damp fields where I also saw pheasants, grey partridges, teal and mallards.
It was layers and layers of light silk material in hues of green, white, teal , and caramel with a matching overskirt of green velvet.
Kylara was shorter and buxom, with red-gold hair and Elven eyes that gleamed a rare teal .
Walking out onto the grand balcony, two robed men, one in teal , the other in purple, paused for a while to admire the open sea.