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teach / учить, научить, преподавать
teach, learn, train, instruct
teach, give, profess
show or explain to (someone) how to do something.
she taught him to read
имя существительное
a teacher.
I entered the class interrupting the lecture the teach was giving.
The reason the better students give their teachers higher ratings is that most teachers tend to teach to the better students.
This same person was the only participant in the study ever encouraged by another member of the academy to teach at a community college.
she came to say ‘Hi!’ to her old teach
Texas has approved biology textbooks that, get this: teach evolution as fact, much to the chagrin of creationists.
I teach two AP subjects and have a lot of trouble fitting in all that I would like for the course.
‘I'll teach you to mess with him’ he said, pulling out a knife.
Many teachers are unqualified to teach according to local public school standards and most don't know how to relate to American-raised children.
Interventions can provide the information and teach the skills necessary to implement those strategies.
Of course, what is new about the teach is that she was sponsored by the City of Oakland and inflicted on public school students.
The education system that would teach girls to read would also empower millions of illiterate boys.