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tea / чай, настой, чаек
имя существительное
tea, char
infusion, tea
имя существительное
a hot drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.
He was making popcorn on the stove and boiling water for tea .
the evergreen shrub or small tree that produces tea leaves, native to South and eastern Asia and grown as a major cash crop.
The Camellia sinensis tea plant is native to China and commercially produced in tropical and subtropical regions, primarily China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
a light afternoon meal consisting typically of tea to drink, sandwiches, and cakes.
The two princesses had to have a cooked tea because they were in bed by dinner time, but they also had afternoon tea , with sandwiches, scones and a large cake.
On the lower slopes tea is grown; and on the well-rivered plains there are rubber-trees, coconut palms, and paddy fields.
Katherine sipped her tea
Gaunt mothers and children sat near their tents, sometimes boiling water for tea , a ritual of normalcy that they still maintained.
This is followed by up to two quarts of warm salted water or strong licorice tea which in such high dosage is emetic.
Fungi can grow on tea with poor packaging and storing.
In Gujarat, local hospitality demands that guests are offered water and tea almost as soon as they arrive.
Take small sips of water, weak tea , clear soft drinks, noncaffeinated sports drinks or broth.
However, there were no longer any sales of tea , whiskey, pepper, frying pans or thread.
Outsourcing had worked very well in Zimbabwe and Malawi and it would spread the economy of tea growing to other parts of the region, Crawford said.
Try the afternoon tea - any cakes you can't eat will be boxed up for you to take home.