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taxidermy / набивка чучел
имя существительное
набивка чучел
имя существительное
the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect.
A Case of Curiosities is devoted to the art of taxidermy , decorative, restorative and anthropomorphic.
It is not known whether John Gould was instructed in taxidermy or self-taught, but his earliest bird specimens showed great skill in preparation.
There will also be a show of local crafts including fretwork, crystal glass, embroidery, dancing costumes, place mats, potted plants, flowers, and taxidermy .
Others have no stomach for killing, and practise taxidermy merely as an art.
The process of taxidermy sees the skin of an animal removed, preserved and arranged around a model of the original body.
Among other works evocative of a colonial place and time was Paris-based Huang Yong Ping's taxidermy representation of an event involving a hunting elephant besieged by an enraged tiger.
But, thanks to Heaney's artistic taxidermy , the story and all it symbolizes will endure well into the new millennium.
Scriver's success in sculpting animal forms for his taxidermy work encouraged the artist to pursue more traditional forms of sculpture.
Not long ago, she began photographing the Peabody Museum's taxidermy collection.
Back in the 1800's, Mr. Potter (I'n hoping he's not relation to Beatrix because that would be way too creepy) took taxidermy to a new level.
For the animal parts, she worked from taxidermy specimens.