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taxicab / такси
имя существительное
taxi, cab, taxicab, hack, hackney carriage, cabriolet
везти на такси
taxi, taxicab
имя существительное
a car licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare, usually fitted with a taximeter.
While taking a fare to Taipo, he saw another taxicab with the identical license plate number.
Joining them across the United States were lumbermen, fishermen, merchant marines, taxicab drivers, and inmates at Folsom, Attica, and Statesville.
After the driver brought him to the River Overlook Hotel, he gave the taxi driver a sixteen percent tip on his fare, and took his baggage out of the taxicab 's trunk.
But what if the car was used not for pleasure but purely as a means of transport, like the taxicab ?
The taxicab fare to downtown Toronto is approximately $39 plus tip, with no extra charge for additional passengers.
At 8:30 am, the work was done here and the American reporter left by taxicab .
Ask porters and taxicab drivers to carry your luggage whenever possible.
‘Major national retailers’ are not individuals to whom you return negotiable bonds found in the back seat of a taxicab .
I was in a taxicab riding around with the cab driver asking him about his business.
At 11:00 pm, he took a taxicab to return to the Hyatt Hotel.
The technique has been popular for years among businesses with large liability exposures, such as tobacco and taxicab companies.