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taxi / такси
имя существительное
taxi, cab, taxicab, hack, hackney carriage, cabriolet
ехать на такси
везти на такси
taxi, taxicab
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a boat or other means of transportation used to convey passengers in return for payment of a fare.
Even if you don't fancy the idea of living in a rock house without windows just a few feet from the ocean, Moonhole is well worth a visit either by dinghy or taxi .
(of an aircraft) move slowly along the ground before takeoff or after landing.
the plane taxis up to a waiting limousine
take a taxi as a means of transport.
I would taxi home and sleep till eight
I asked whether a woman has to be screaming when she dials 111 in order for the police to come to protect her rather than to send a taxi .
Licensed taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse a smoking passenger although they may request passengers not to smoke.
Some weeks before, he saw me taxi a P-40 out of the parking area and head for the active runway.
Don't get into any small taxi boats in the Philippines.
When I catch a motorbike taxi in the morning, the regular guy who drives me literally punches the air and whoops when he sees me coming.
I ran out of the house and took a taxi to the wharf.
When Patch got out of the taxi at docking port forty-two the next morning, he was dressed in a pair of slacks, a nice shirt and tie.
A taxi driver and his four passengers escaped being crushed when a straw bale weighing half a ton bounced onto their car.
Rather than be robbed twice, first by the crooks and then by the police, he decided to get a motorbike taxi home and cut his losses.
I'll take a taxi from the air terminal