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taxation / налогообложение, обложение налогом, размер налога
имя существительное
обложение налогом
taxing, taxation, assessment, imposition, rating
размер налога
taxation, assessment
имя существительное
the levying of tax.
Income tax rate will not be increased and the progressive taxation system will be preserved.
a taxation system
Increasing taxation is the only way to pay for services like public hospitals.
Those involved in Lets and time banks argue that no taxation should be due on the services traded.
The wars of the period necessitated the heaviest direct taxation since the 1650s.
I personally believe that the correct way to help families is through the taxation system.
Tax on capital gains provides an incentive to place capital in the member country with the lowest level of taxation .
Low taxation creates a virtuous circle, leading to more money and employment for all.
At other times the carnivores move things in the direction of lower taxation .
Thanks to low taxation , alcohol in Japan is comparatively cheap and is consumed with vigour.
It is hard not to conclude that our entire system of taxation is in danger of breaking down.