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tax-free / освобожденный от налогов
имя прилагательное
освобожденный от налогов
имя прилагательное
(of goods, income, etc.) exempt from tax.
a tax-free lump sum
A tax code is a way of dividing this tax-free income over the whole year.
The cash is tax-free , risk-free and there are no obligations other than following through your idea.
That income would be tax-free , as part of a package of introducing a suite of eco-taxes.
The first tax-free savings certificates appeared during the First World War to raise fighting funds.
No credible accountant would recommend clients to buy shares in stallions to reap tax-free income.
If this money could be passed on to relatives tax-free , it would find its way back into the economy and benefit everyone.
In future, company employees will be only allowed one tax-free mobile.
When the city was declared a tax-free zone, there were equally high expectations.
You take back a quarter of the new £125,000 contribution as a further tax-free cash lump sum.
Once your income exceeds this tax-free figure, a series of tax bands then comes into play.