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tatty / дешевый, безвкусный, низкого качества
имя прилагательное
cheap, inexpensive, tatty, dime, sixpenny, gimcrack
tasteless, gaudy, flavorless, insipid, inelegant, tatty
низкого качества
tatty, undergrade, poxy, bum, low-quality
имя существительное
влажная травяная занавесь
имя прилагательное
worn and shabby; in poor condition.
the room was furnished in slightly tatty upholstered furniture
There are, I concede, more deserving causes than ‘hack forced to eat sub-standard food in tatty restaurant at someone else's expense’.
He looked dishevelled in old, crumpled clothes, his hair matted and his lips cracking, his tatty shirt a poor defence against the biting cold.
These include banning sportswear and tatty jeans, more bouncers, an orderly queuing system, better foyer lighting, a strict ID policy and training bar staff to refuse to serve drunks and eject rowdy customers.
To this day I'd rather walk around in a tatty shirt than break out the needle and thread to fix it myself.
The furniture is tatty and the books looked about as appetising as goods in a car boot sale.
Even James, the valet, looked tired and somewhat tatty in a threadbare jacket and fraying neckscarf.
Tweed, tatty hair-cuts, lots of comb-overs, ruddy cheeks, red fleshy ears and the most enormous blue velour rosettes abound.
In front is a tatty metal-roofed house on stilts with walls of thin, holey plywood daubed in graffiti.
A third guy, who copped a hefty fine and a community-based order on a burglary charge, wandered in wearing an old pair of trackie daks (with a hole in one knee) and a tatty old jumper.
The tents which are dotted about, range from top mountaineering quality to tatty improvised structures made of bamboo and straw.