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tattle / болтовня, сплетни, сплетня
имя существительное
chatter, talk, gossip, babble, twaddle, tattle
gossip, tattle, slander, whispering, retailment, tittle-tattle
gossip, scuttlebutt, tale, tattle, whispering, gup
gossip, talk, tattle, tell tales, scandal, wag
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, tattle
имя существительное
gossip; idle talk.
But Duffy has no truck with those who argue that the player, who is injury-prone and inclined to attract lurid headlines, has little left to offer the sport beyond tears and tabloid tattle .
report another's wrongdoing.
he never tattled or told tales
This is the proper Guadeloupe, where the tiny rum shops are open to all callers day and night for a little tipple and tattle .
Neither of these scenarios includes Vince, which leads us to suspect that this preposterous piece of tattle of his connection with Amanda is being bruited about by none other than Cyborg himself.
The kid burst into tears, and ran back to wherever his mom was to go tattle on him.
A favourite target of this tattle has predictably been the labour boss.
If the clerk continues to overlook you, find the manager and tattle !
Stumble across us and go tattle to the principal!
But, I'm afraid it will be like when little kids tattle on each other.
Just how far I have come from my days of respecting Motson was confirmed yesterday where he destroyed all enjoyment of watching the cup final with his mediocre tattle .
One crisp November afternoon, she summoned her lovers to her bedside bistro for tea and tattle .
for each story of mine, a titbit of town tattle must be exchanged